Baby Blankets and Quilts Needed for New CDH Babies

From our New England Representative, Corin Nava:

We started the Gabriel’s Gift Bags project to provide new and expecting CDH parents with a gift bag filled with comfort items for their baby’s NICU stay. We would really like to include a handmade blanket which can be knit, crochet, or quilted in each of these bags. These blankets take a lot of time to make and we cannot do it by ourselves! There are too many parents out there who need these for us to keep up with, so we are looking for volunteers. If you are interested, in making 1 or 100, please let me know! You can email me at or join our yahoo group by clicking this link:


If you can, please consider doing this, it can really make a difference for those families in need of a little comfort.

Our goal is to start providing these by the end of this summer. We help on average 100 new and expectant families each year at CHERUBS so we really need a lot of help!

The above blanket was made by Logan’s mom, Barb Wagner.

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