Cherubs On Their Way

The following babies are expected soon. They have all been diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Please keep them and their families in your prayers.

Jon Lee S. – Due 2009-04-11
Andrew Lee Whitten – Due 2009-04-17
Gabriela Monteiro – Due 2009-05-14
Avery Mae Keirsey – Due 2009-05-15
Giavanna Digregorio – Due 2009-06-12
Baby Clarketimmins – Due 2009-06-15
James Reeve 2009-06-15
Cameron Zane Redmon 2009-06-20
Baby Price – Due 2009-06-21
Eli Camden Harvey – Due 2009-06-24
Baby Slager – Due 200907-02
Gabriella Morgan Groenewald – Due 2009-07-05
Baby Brogden – Due 2009-07-06
Kamryn Hope Studdard – Due 2009-07-08
Jacob Thomas Zimmerman – Due 2009-07-18
Ireland Rose B – Due 2009-08-23
Jonathan Louis Moehl – Due 2009-09-13
Makayla Jackson – Due ???
Amy Marie Meyers – Due ???

**this is only a list of those cherubs whose parents gave us permission to publish their names. There are many more babies on their way and this list does not include all the many, many newborn cherubs already here.

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