We Love It When CDH Families Get Together!

Here at CHERUBS we are strong advocates for CDH families meeting in person and getting to know each other and sharing experiences and support! We have many get-togethers around the world and our annual Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia International Conference as well. But families often get-together on their own informally and below are photos of 2 such get-togethers.

CDH families meeting in Atlanta:

Carla (Joseph’s mom), Lynne (Baer’s mom), Marion and Jason (Virginia’s parents) and Amy and Steve (Faith’s parents)

Our South Carolina Representative, Lynne Brogdon (Baer’s mom), rubbing Amy Miles’ (Faith’s mom) tummy.

Indiana Get-Together:

Barb Wagner (Logan’s mom), Corin Nava (Nate’s mom), Amy Miles (Faith’s mom), Kate Crawford (Shannon’s mom) and Stephanie Olivarez (Shelby’s mom)
Stephanie and Kate surrounded by gorgeous little girls (Lexi, Lily, Grace and Makayla)

Barb, Corin, Kate and Stephanie

Kate making cookies with the Olivarez girls

Denver Children’s Hospital:

Cherub Kristen Moats meets baby cherub, John Michael Larson

If you would like us to post photos of your get-together, please e-mail them to us at membership@cherubs-cdh.org They will be posted in our newsletter and on our blog.

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