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Today we received a check from Cafepress for our store earnings up to December 1, 2008. It was almost $500. You might think… that’s not a lot for a store but that’s for one pay period and with our mark up only about $1.00 per item. That means we only make about $1.00 for every item that sells. Books were a few dollars more. But mostly, that’s a dollar for each item – shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, holiday cards, mugs, etc.


And that’s not including holiday orders during December!

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Newsletter

We just uploaded the latest issue of CHERUBS newsletter –

Stories of Cherubs Vol. II, Cooking With Cherubs Vol. III & MORE!

I FINALLY finished all these projects, woohoo! A HUGE thank you to our amazing volunteers who collected over 250 recipes!! And an emormous thank you to the parents who wrote and submitted stories of their children affected by CDH.

Cooking With Cherubs Vol. III

Stories of Cherubs Vol II

CDH SkateboardsCDH SkateboardsCDH Skateboards

Send us your designs!

And a few more new graphics to help raise awareness and research of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia!

CDH Research

Check out the new CDH Research Flip Camera!

Coming soon: CDH Awareness Flip Cameras, Shoes, Neckties, 2009 Calendar and more!