March of Dimes Walk in San Antonio

Please support Karen Myers as she participate’s in March of Dimes Walk for Babies’ campaign.

May 16, 2009
200 North Crickett Drive
San Antonio, TX 78226

In Loving Memory of (cherub) Kaleigh 2002 and William 2005

Posted by their mom, Karen:

This will be our family’s 5th year to participate in March for Babies for March of Dimes and I am happy to say we have had great success with the help of our family and friends. The March of Dimes has supported research for the birth defect Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) that Kaleigh was born and passed away from. We found out when I was 20 weeks pregnant that she would be born with this devastating birth defect and the Dr.s gave her a 60% chance to live. From the moment she was born (full term on her due date) she faced the fight of her life. She was immediately placed on a ventilator and after 3 days of fighting to keep her stable she was placed on Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) a heart lung bypass machine. She spent 9 days on it then was taken off to have surgery to repair her defect and take her stomach, intestines, spleen and tip of her liver out of her chest and place them back into her abdomen where they belonged so what little lung she had could start to grow and work. Unfortunately on her 17th day of life her body couldn’t oxygenate itself even with artificial help due to such immature and malformed lungs and we held our daughter for the very first and last time as her heart stopped beating. She gave us the most precious 17 days and fought with all her might and we love and miss her. Unfortunately our family then had to experience the heartbreak all over again as we learned when I was 27 weeks pregnant that our son William Logan’s heart had stopped beating and he was born an angel due to Non-immune Hydrops Fetalis. It broke our hearts knowing he would never know his mommy or daddy’s touch. The March of Dimes is wonderful in providing detailed and helpful information for families with children born with birth defects. I know they were a great resource for me and my family. The funds we raise may seem like a drop in the bucket but every little bit counts and hopefully one day I will stop meeting families who have had to endure the heartbreak of loosing a child, whether it be to prematurity, birth defects or illness.

Please join our family by signing up to walk on our team, fund raise for the team or by donating…..we can save babies together.


The Myers Family

Will, Karen, Alec, Aubrey and Jackson

Remembering Kaleigh and William Logan always……..FOREVER OUR SUNSHINES!!

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

2009 International Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Conference

Don’t forget to register!

It looks like we’ll have over 100 in attendance this year from at least 5 countries! Plus, amazing guest speakers including Meaghan Russell from Boston Children’s (who will be also be helping families to participate in CDH Research!) and Kevin Lally from the CDH Study Group to give us all the latest news on CDH research and treatments. Also, leaders from several CDH organizations and sites will be there as well!

There will be round-table discussions for parents of survivors and grieving parents, as well as CDH survivors. Entertainment for the kids, tons of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia awareness items and information, a pizza party on the first day and much more! It’s going to be an incredible CDH conference – make sure not to miss it!

2009 Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness, Events, Fundraiser and more at CHERUBS

Our latest issue of our newsletter will be out in a few weeks but I wanted to let you know about all the activities we have going on at CHERUBS! 2009 is a very, very busy year here with events going on around the world, including our 2009 International Member Conference in San Antonio, TX in July. I hope to see you all there!

March, 2009

March 16, Texas Bake Sale – Corpus Christi, TX. You can reach Melissa at 361-288-4698.

March 28, Oakland Academy in Portage, MI Spring Carnival fundraiser. You can reach Amy at

Friends of Faith Book Drive – Michigan (but you can participate from anywhere). You can reach Amy at

April, 2009

Michigan JayCee’s Event – Contact Darcy for more info or Barb at

CHERUBS UK Pub Crawl – April 11, Melanie Parsons

North Carolina Get-Together – in Raleigh, NC. Informal Chuck E. Cheese get-together for local NC families and to help plan the various NC events we have going on! You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129

May, 2009

Grayton’s Glory 5K Run – May 9 in Alabama. You can reach Leigh for more information at

Michigan Member Bowl-a-Thon – May 17 in Flint, Michigan. You can reach Barb at or 810-845-8480

Day of Prayer for CDH – May 17 around the world! You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129

North Carolina Walk for Cherubs – May 17 in Raleigh, NC. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129.

NC Balloon Release for Cherubs – May 17 in Raleigh, NC. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129.

CHERUBS Ebay Auctions – around the world. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129

June, 2009

2009 UK Conference – in Great Britain. You can reach Brenda at or 0800 731 6991.

Pennsylvania Get-Together – You can reach Kate at or 412-414-7073.

July, 2009

Shelby’s Summertime CHERUBS Celebration – July 11 in Indiana, contact Stephanie Olivarez at

2009 International Member Conference – July 22-25, San Antonio, Texas! You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129.

August, 2009

Ohio Get-Together – in Columbus, OH. You can reach Tara at or 614-275-0858.

September, 2009

Jeremiah’s Car Show – in Columbus, Ohio. You can reach Sarah at or 419-512-3446.

October, 2009

2009 Australia Conference – in Australia. You can reach Danielle at or 03 5135 6999.

New England Get-Together – in Salem, Massachusetts. You can reach Corin at or 401-524-9182.

Gabe’s Bowl-a-Thon – in Cranston, RI. You can reach Corin at or 401-524-9182.

CHERUBS Masquerade Angel Ball – October 30, 2009 at Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129.

December, 2009

National Children’s Memorial Day – December 13, 2009 at 7:00 pm around the world

New England Truffle Sale – in Rhode Island. You can reach Corin at or 401-524-9182.

January, 2010

Shannon Crawford CDH Spaghetti Dinner – January 16, 2010 in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. You can reach Kate at or 412-414-7073.

Blood Drive in Memory of Shane Torrence – January 28, 2010 in Wake Forest, NC. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129.

February, 2010

Valentine’s Day Cherubs Fundraiser – February 14, 2010 around the world. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129

April, 2010

CHERUBS Golf Tournament – Wake Forest, NC. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129.

July, 2010

2010 International Member Conference in San Francisco, California. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129.

October, 2010

CHERUBS Masquerade Angel Ball – October 29, 2009 at Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. You can reach Dawn at or 919-690-0129.

CHERUBS 2009 International Conference

The date and location have been set! July 23-25, 2009 in San Antonio, Texas! The hotel location will be posted soon.

Our conference include several CDH experts as guestspeakers, round table discussions for both families of survivors and grieving families, pizza party, entertainment for the kids and more!

This year we are expecting about 100 members with families flying in from as far as Australia! We will have at least 4 countries represented at this conference – hopefully many more.

All members of CHERUBS (including CHERUBS UK and CHERUBS Australia) are welcome to attend! If you’re not a member, sign up for free at

CHERUBS State & International Representatives

CHERUBS is an international organization with over 2600 members in all 50 states and in 38 countries. We are so proud of our wonderful Representatives who are helping our global CDH support group to also be a local CDH support group as well.

Our Reps provide local support to families dealing with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. They plan local get-togethers, picnics and other events. They provide hospitals with information packets for CDH families. They help families find other local services if they are in need of additional help. They represent CHERUBS at conferences and awareness events and often plan these events as well. They help plan our International CDH Conferences. Many of our Reps have created blogs and web sites to offer local on-line support.

2 of our Representatives have gone on to achieve non-profit status in their own countries which makes them sister organizations to CHERUBS now. Congratulations to our CHERUBS Australia and CHERUBS UK members for this wonderful achievement! We are very, very proud of them!

Click on the Country / State to view their blog or web site – some are still under construction. Click on the Rep’s names to e-mail them.

Australia – President ~ Danielle Kessner ~ ~ 03 5135 6999 ~
Australia ~ Angela Logozzo ~ ~ 02 47740470 ~
Australia ~ Sharon Knott ~ ~ 08 9304 2583 ~
Canada ~ Kim Switzer ~ ~ 204-687-8995 ~
Great Britain ~ Brenda Lane ~ ~ 01553 762 884 ~
Great Britain ~ Kevin Lane ~ ~ 01553 762 884 ~
Great Britain ~ Rachel Wyatt ~ ~ 01908 565 574 ~
India ~ Shankari Murali ~ ~ +91-80-25283423 ~
Ireland ~ Liz Dunne ~ ~ ~ Coming soon!
Mexico ~ Fernanda Arce ~ ~ 55249924 ~ Coming soon!
New Zealand ~ Tania Smythe ~ ~ 03 4727321 ~ Coming soon!
New Zealand -S ~ Sonia Stuart ~ ~ 09-4353070 ~ Coming soon!
Papau New Guinea ~ Danielle Kessner ~ ~ 03 5135 6999 ~
Scotland ~ Marie Brown ~ ~ 01389 380120 ~ Coming soon!
Arizona ~ Krista Bold ~ ~ 480-882-9449 ~ Coming soon!
California ~ Tammy Spohr ~ ~ 530-273-2156 ~ Coming soon!
Colorado ~ Tracy Meats ~ ~ 307-362-9630 ~
Connecticut ~ Corin Nava ~ ~ 401-524-9182 ~
Connecticut ~ Jeanne Nava ~ ~ 401-578-8279 ~
Indiana ~ Stephanie Olivarez ~ ~ 574-224-2223 ~
Iowa ~ Sarah Godsey ~ ~ 208-755-7772 ~ Coming soon!
Louisiana ~ Ashley Jackson ~ ~ 225-271-4096 ~ Coming soon!
Maine ~ Jeanne Nava ~ ~ 401-578-8279 ~
Maine ~ Corin Nava ~ ~ 401-524-9182 ~
Maryland ~ Brenda Slavin ~ ~ 443-624-2187 ~ Coming soon!
Massachusetts ~ Jeanne Nava ~ ~ 401-578-8279 ~
Massachusetts ~ Corin Nava ~ ~ 401-524-9182 ~
Massachusetts ~ Joelene Ross ~ ~ 508-904-1503 ~
Minnesota ~ Melissa Glennie ~ ~ 952-240-3451 ~
Montana ~ Elaine Moats ~ ~ 406-234-5038 ~ Coming soon!
New Hampshire ~ Jeanne Nava ~ ~ 401-578-8279 ~
New Hampshire ~ Corin Nava ~ ~ 401-524-9182 ~
New Jersey ~ Jeanne Nava ~ ~ 401-578-8279 ~
New Jersey ~ Corin Nava ~ ~ 401-524-9182 ~
New York ~ Jeanne Nava ~ ~ 401-578-8279 ~
New York ~ Corin Nava ~ ~ 401-524-9182 ~
North Carolina ~ Dawn Williamson ~ ~ 919-610-0129 ~
North Dakota ~ Elaine Moats ~ ~ 406-234-5038 ~ Coming soon!
Ohio ~ Sarah Deskins ~ ~ 419-512-3446 ~
Ohio ~ Tara Hall ~ ~ 614-275-0858 ~
Pennsylvania ~ Kate Crawford ~ ~ 412-414-7073 ~
Pennsylvania ~ Andrea Ryan ~ ~ 610-927-9356 ~ Coming soon!
Rhode Island ~ Corin Nava ~ ~ 401-524-9182 ~
Rhode Island ~ Jeanne Nava ~ ~ 401-578-8279 ~
South Carolina ~ Lynne Brogdon ~ ~ 864-627-8644 ~ Coming soon!
South Dakota ~ Elaine Moats ~ ~ 406-234-5038 ~ Coming soon!
Texas- S ~ Melissa Kelly ~ ~ 361-288-4698 ~
UtahS ~ Kimberly Byington ~ ~ 801-814-1514 ~ Coming soon!
Vermont ~ Jeanne Nava ~ ~ 401-578-8279 ~
Vermont ~ Corin Nava ~ ~ 401-524-9182 ~
Virginia ~ Penny Campsey ~ ~ 434-432-2166 ~ Coming soon!
Washington ~ Georgia Gebow ~ ~ 360-691-5974 ~
Washington DC ~ Brenda Slavin ~ ~ 443-624-2187 ~ Coming soon!
Wyoming ~ Tracy Meats ~ ~ 307-362-9630 ~

We still need Reps in many countries and states. If you are a member of CHERUBS and would like to volunteer to be a State or International Representative, please contact Stephanie at